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Em poucos minutos percebeu que seu pequeno barco iria afundar. Era hora de sobreviver apenas. Callahan era um marinheiro experimentado e com a vantagem de ser muito engenhoso. No quarto ou quinto dia, um navio surgiu no horizonte. Logo aprendeu que isso era mais comum do que se imagina. Setenta e seis dias depois de abandonar o Napoleon Solo, Callahan foi resgatado por pescadores da ilha de Guadalupe, no Caribe. Tinha o corpo coberto de feridas e exibia uma barba longa e dura. Mas logo estava recuperado e de volta aos Estados Unidos.

Afinal, o que nos torna homens?

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Formato: eBook Kindle Compra verificada. I've read this book 3 or 4 times now, so it's fair to say I like it. I enjoy the "survival" genre of non-fiction and this is the best at making you feel you are there that I have read. You feel his thirst, sense his despair and are in awe of his skill and determination. He writes well, with an easy and unhurried flow that matches the pace of his voyage, yet there are never any dull places.

I'm not a sailor, other than a little in Boy Scout days Callahan was also a Boy Scout and includes his Scouting days in his list of things that prepared him for survival , but reading "Adrift" always makes me wish I had been one. A great short read that I love going back to ever so often to be reminded how tough the human spirit can be. Compra verificada.

41 Days Stranded at Sea: The Harrowing, Heartbreaking Real-Life Story Behind New Movie Adrift

Adrift is about one man's solitary journey, both internal and external, on the perilous ledge between life and death. Steven Callahan is attempting to cross the Atlantic Ocean from the Canary Islands to Antigua, but before he departs, an elderly fisherman points to his vessel, the 21' long Napoleon Solo, and says, "In such a small boat? The rest of the journey is fraught with danger, starting from when the Napoleon Solo capsizes and sinks, forcing Callahan to abandon ship in a rubber lifeboat. Anyone battling demons of their own will find solace in Callahan's struggle to survive, which is a metaphor for all mens' struggles to survive an often hostile world with often insurmountable odds.

One player is named Rescue and the other is Death. Many questions are raised in this incredible story of survival. Superstition abounds.

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One woman in Kirribati the island Ben had been staying on says simply: "The spirits are angry because one of your friends mentioned going to the other island by plane. He insults the spirits and now look what's happening.

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Perhaps it was the prayers of the local coconut leaf reader? Instead, air planes, support boats - entire support teams even - are used in an attempt to eliminate risk. This support allows for less preparation, and less skilled explorers. The couple was left drifting in midocean in a leaky six-foot raft.

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Simonne, who had never really shared Bill's dream, was mad as hell. Ahead of them - 66 days adrift - and battles against nature, despair, and personal demons. In his book, 66 Days Adrift , Bill describes how he and Simonne found the strength to survive hunger, storms, and sharks.

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Bill is of the old school of adventurers. He learned to sail by the age of nine. When he retired in , he had logged more than 34, blue-water miles; his total now exceeds 74, miles.

As a shore coach for the recently rescued crew of American Fire, Bill just sent the following open letter to the organizers of Woodvale events, with safety for all participants as his sole objective. Bill's letter An open letter to the organizers of Woodvale events from shore coach for American fire. Woodvale Events must rethink all three of these basic factors when programming future racing events.

We must respect it and work with it. More than one hundred years of meteorological records forecast that December 15 to February 15 are the roughest months in the North Atlantic Ocean. Woodvale Events ignored this predictable phenomenon in planning the Atlantic Rowing Race. Though still rough, a more logical start would have been during the middle of March. The storms out of the North would have abated and all boats would be in port before hurricane season. These would be fine for rivers, lakes, canals, or small inland seas.

Their inherent design is self-defeating.