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Contrast, compare and synthesize information on a variety of psychological topics. Students will develop critical thinking skills and build their reading, writing, and discussion skills. Students will also be able to successfully engage in psychological debate discussion topics, form intelligent opinions and role play dissenting viewpoints. Students will gain a greater understanding the many ethical issues and enduring questions addressed by psychologists. Students will be able to recognize psychological principles in their own life.

Students will be able to apply learned principals to past and current personal history topics. Students develop the ability to examine their decisions and relationships and a reflective and sensitive manner. Students will prepare to earn a minimum 4 score on the AP Psychology Exam. Prentice Hall Course Planner. These are the major content areas covered by the AP Psychology Examination.

Treatment of Psych Disorders. Social Psychology. Other Supplemental Texts. McEntarffer, Robert. Expected Materials Needed For Class. Term Logic, Philosophy, and History of Psychology. Approaches and Theories. Experimental, Correlation, and Clinical Research.

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Research Methods and Ethics. Reading Assignments. Read Pgs Due Tuesday. Due Wednesday. How does the nervous system affect our bodies? What are hormones? Pgs Brain Dissection-Limbic System.


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Endocrine System, Genetics-Brain Research. Organization of Nervous System. Neural Communication. Endocrine System. Read Pages Neural Project Due. Cognitive Development. Developmental Theories. Dimensions of Development. Sex Roles, Sex Differences. Sensation and Perception.

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Intro to Sensation and Perception thresholds, attention, sensory adaptation. The Senses. States of Consciousness.

5 Steps to a 5 AP Psychology, 2012 2013 Edition 5 Steps to a 5 on the Advanced Placement Examination

How do psychologists define consciousness? What role does sleep play in our daily lives? Is it s real psychological phenomenon?

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Sleep and Dreams- Biorhythms, sleep disorders, dream theories. Bio Feedback, Meditation, Hypnosis, psychoactive drugs. Sensory Mechanisms. Sensory Adaptation.

5 Steps To A 5 Ap Psychology 2008 2009 Edition

Perceptual Process. Learning Theory. Classical Conditioning. Operant Conditioning. Cognitive Processes in Learning. Biological Factors.

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How does the concept of information processing work? How do they. Memory- 3 Stages of Memory. Thinking and Language. Problem Solving and Creativity. Information Processing. Motivation and Emotion. In what ways are human motivated to behave?

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