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Crude oil pollution had a significant effect on the emergence and growth of cowpea in both soil type s. However, the effect on germination was more profound on cowpea planted in loamy sand soil of the Fadama i. The low bulk density of the Fadama soil coupled with the crude oil treatment greatly reduced water infiltration and oxygen diffusion. This study therefore demonstrated that the effect of crude oil spill age will be much more devastating to vegetation especially crop plants in areas of loamy sand soils with a higher silt and clay contents.

It also showed that the loamy sand soil is not a good medium for the cultivation of cowpea since the plant produced too many leaves at the detriment of seeds compared to the more sandy soils which were more tolerated by the plants.

Similarly, crude oil pollution has been found to have economic implications on growth and yield of agricultural crops. In order to stem the high tide of oil spill age in our environment there is need to create more awareness on the harvoc of oil spill age on the agricultural sector of the economy.

Besides, laying of oil pipelines should reasonably be far away from farmlands.

The Digitalisation of African Agriculture Report, 2018-12222

Adams, R. Ellis, Some physical and chemical changes in the soil brought about by saturation with natural gas. Soil Sci. Lombin and J. Owonubi, Effect of boron and nitrogen fertilization on cowpea nodulation mineral nutrition and grain yield. Fertilizer Res.

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Senior Tropical Agriculture. Macmillan Publishers Ltd. Atlas, R. Stimulated petroleum biodegradation.

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CRC Crit. Effects of waste engine oil pollution on physical and chemical properties of soil: A case study of waste oil contaminated Delta soil in Bendel State. Baker, J. The effect of oil on plants. Environ Pollt. Baldwin, I. Modification of the soil flora induced by applications of crude petroleum. Brantley Jr. Campbell, W. Vavrek, Development of an emergence index of sensitivity to applied oil year 2. De Jong, E.

RICEPEDIA: IRRI. Hybrid rice seed production

The effect of a crude oil spill on cereals. A: Ecol. Omatsola, Niger Delta. Santogrossi Eds. Duke, J. Handbook of Legumes of World Economic Importance.

Ekundayo, E. Emede and D. Osayande, Effects of crude oil spillage on growth and yield of maize Zea mays L. Plant Foods Hum. Bauder, Particle Size Analysis.

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Gill, L. Nyawuame and A. Ehikhametalor, Effects of crude oil on the growth and anatomical features of Chromolaena odorata L. Chromolaena Odoranta Newslett. Freedman, Effects of experimental crude oil spills on subarctic boreal forest vegetation near Norman Wells, N. Gebruder Borntraeger Publ. McLeod, E. Feed the Soil. Nwachukwu, J. Oluwole, O. Asubiojo, R. Filby, C. Grimm and S. Fitzgerald, In: Geology of Deltas, Oti, M.

Postma Eds. Balkema Publ. Odjegba, V. In most of the cases the information collected and data recorded by visiting the botanic gardens, arboreta etc. The plant list contained in this pp. Published by Agribookstore, About this Item: Agribookstore, Condition: Sehr gut. Rechnung mit ausgewiesener MwSt.

Ex library. Sprache: Deutsch Gewicht in Gramm: Published by Vrinda Publications About this Item: Vrinda Publications, The book is written for B Pharm students The language of the book is very east to grasp the subject without difficulty The book has a large number of solved examples followed by similar questions in Exercises so that the students can solve the problems without any help pp.

Published by Abhijeet About this Item: Abhijeet, Contents: Preface. Linguistic analysis and information retrieval. Principles of information retrieval system based on linguistic analysis. Application of linguistic analysis in information retrieval tools. It focuses the attention of users, professionals and scholars of library science to linguistic concept,techniques, their relevance and usefulness for information retrieval system.

It then goes on to trace out the ideas and techniques of linguistics, having relevance for the information retrieval. An attempt is made to explore for information retrieval based on linguistics. It also investigates if this conceptual model is applicable in information retrieval tools. It evaluates the impact of linguistic idea on information retrieval tools. This study will prove useful for professional education in the field. Published by Concept, New Delhi About this Item: Concept, New Delhi, Contents Preface by Mr. Gurcharan Das. Issues in governance the case of Nagaland. Communitisation launched in Nagaland.

Social capital an intrinsic resource. Communitisation is pp. Item added to your basket View basket. Proceed to Basket. View basket. Continue shopping. United Kingdom. Search Within These Results:. Pandey Published by S. Man and the Universe: Hindu Perspectives R.

Man and the Universe R. From: medimops Berlin, Germany Seller Rating:. Tamrakar, B. Pharmaceutic of Metals in Ayurveda Pandey, R. Kumar; Arnold C. Evolution and improvement of cultivated amaranths Pal,M. Pandey IAS. The Rise of Modern India B. Pandey, R. Choudhary and B.