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These devices are called process controller. Feedback This is very important component of automatic control system.

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This is the output value of the system which is compared with the input given the system. Regulator When there is a need of keeping the value of variables at a constant value there is a device name 'regulator' is used. Error detector This is a device which uses differential method to detect any error in the system.

It compares the output value with the actual desired value of the system. Through this comparison the error in the automatic control system can be detected. Lag in response As the result obtained from the command given to the system is called response. In an automatic control system, when there is a delay to obtain the response from the command from due to some causes, delayed is called lag in response. This delay causes the difficulty in the measurement of input and output at the same time.

Amplification The process of increasing the amplitude of the signal is called amplification. When there is a need to change the intensity of the input signal amplification method is used. And there is an error in the system detected by the error detector. The error detector is not able to correct that error by itself. Hence the amplitude of the input signal has to be amplified to eliminate that error and get the desired output.

Transducer This is a unit that takes the input and converts it into another form get to get the desired result.

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For example there are Some devices which takes pressure as input and converts it into the form of distance to indicate the value of the pressure. Other examples are speedometer, ammeter which converts voltage into the angular distance. Open loop system In this automatic control system. Input and output are independent of each other then the control system is known as open loop system.

Most of the measuring instruments and equipment are based on the open loop system mechanism. If you have interest to cooperate with us, please send us a message. We have established fruitful collaboration with national and international Control systems groups. To support our communication, we use Skype and other new communication technologies.

These tools allow us to work with colleagues anywhere in the world, and if you have interest to make part of that network please send us a message. The researchers that work in the Lab also work in strong cooperation with national and international Control systems groups.

The research partners are mostly located in Brazil, Spain, France, and Nigeria. The computer calls the Matlab software to implement physically the controller. Any kind of control rule, such as linear, non-linear, time-varying, and so forth, can be implemented. The DC motor can be satisfactorily represented by second order linear systems.

The two system state variables are the angular velocity of the motor shaft and the electrical current consumed by the motor. The device has sensor for both variables, which signifies that we can implement full-state feedback. To measure the angular velocity, we use the manufacturer-provided tachogenerator that produces voltage proportional to the speed of the shaft; and to measure the electric current, we introduce in series with the motor a simple circuit composed by a shunt resistor connected with a pre-amplifier signal stage. First-order analog filters are used in the circuit to reduce high-frequency noise from the experimental data.

The circuitry of the DC motor can be modified to accept failures. These failures can be either deterministic or stochastic. Hence one can check whether that theoretical control rule, derived for systems under failures, works in practice. A buck converter is a voltage step down and current step up converter.

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In our lab we have implemented an analog state-feedback control. In this experiment all of the variables are continuous-time, i. The two-coupled tanks are connected in such a way to generate a nonlinear control system with structural constraints. The equipment is fully controlled by Matlab, and all of the sensors and actuators are driven by signals generated inside Matlab. The left figures shows the block functional diagram and the right one shows a picture of the equipment.

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Notice in the diagram that there is a pump that takes water from the reservoir and put it in Tank 2. Another pump in Tank 2 takes the water therein to send it to Tank 1. But Tank 1 has a manual valve that keeps opened, and a flux of water flows from Tank 1 to the reservour. We want to control the level of the Tanks 1 and 2. And the actuators are the pumps connected in the reservour and Tank 2.

This configuration is extremely challenging from the Control point of view. The laboratory is equipped with a Rapid control hardware-in-the-loop made by Quanser Canada.

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The device has two main parts: one that makes the r eal-time measurements and control, and the other that makes the power amplifier. The idea is simple: the user can develop any control rule inside Simulink, click a simple button, and then that control rule is transferred into the USB board. This USB board drivers the Power device. All the signals from input and output are measured in the Matlab; and all the measurements can be seen online inside Matlab. The board can work at 2 KHz.