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Medical causes for aggression, like pain, should be ruled out before you continue. If your cat is aggressive toward another cat in the home, separate them. Wait until the aggressive cat is acting calm and relaxed before allowing them to be together again. Don't use your hands or other body parts to get between the cats, though. Try a loud noise or a pillow dropped between the two cats. A spray of water might be necessary. Use a Feliway Multicat diffuser to help calm the cats in your home. Use it consistently for 30 days, being sure to follow the instructions regarding the square footage that one diffuser will cover and not placing it behind furniture or near open windows.

If you believe the trigger for your cat's misplaced aggression is that he sees other cats or animals outside, do what you can to block the view. Use curtains to cover the window, and move cat perches to other spots.

If you have a bird feeder near a window, move it to another place in your yard where your cat won't be able to see it. Many times, windows and perches are great enrichment for indoor cats, but sometimes they trigger misplaced aggression and can't be used. Give your cat something else to attack. If you see your cat gearing up to attack you or another cat, toss a toy in the opposite direction, or get out a wand toy and let him take his energy out on that. This can help protect you and your other cats from scratches.

If you or one of your cats is scratched or bitten, get medical treatment right away. Cat bites, especially, can be very dangerous. Disclaimer: This website is not intended to replace professional consultation, diagnosis, or treatment by a licensed veterinarian.

L gave birth and turned out to be a very happy mother. I had never seen her happier in her life. A month and half after the kittens, she returned to her former self. Started pushing even the kittens away. And then she attacked my kids. Younger one who is 8 got deep bites on the knee and the heel. Was bleeding. I thought the kids had done something to provoke her and I calmed the cat by talking to her. She even hurled one of her kits away in her manic attack. My kid got rabies injections. I forbade the children to go to her room or touch the kittens in her presence.

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Within 10 days the next attack came. This time one of her kittens squealed while my husband and kids sat in the lounge, and though the kit was near my husband's feet the cat pounced on my youngest one. My husband tried saving her and then she lashed out on the older one who is When i came running from the kitchen upon hearing the screams I tried rescuing my 11 year old only to have the cat latch on my legs snarling and slashing through my clothes.

I had to shake her off to loosen her grip before she sank in her teeth only to have her pounce upon my other leg. My husband hurled something at her which bought me sometime and we all saved ourselves in one room with the cat upon our heels - my husband held her off whom she only threatened and didn't attack perhaps intimidated by size.

We stayed locked for half an hour and had to call animal control. It hurts me but my husband told me that the cat couldn't stay any longer as our kids weren't safe with her and I agreed. The vet said it was an incurable hormonal imbalance and we decided to euthanise her.

The vet said the cat couldn't be rehomed being dangerous as it was attacking its own owners.


An Alabama community calls for a new animal shelter after dogs fatally attack 29 cats - CNN

It was the most difficult decision: and it still haunts me to this day. I wish I could've helped her. But I couldn't keep her as she could feel provoked by anything and harm those around her. Even if there were cats fighting in the street below she would look at us accusingly as if responsible. This was before the attacks. Now I knew there was no telling what she might do if provoked. I believe your article makes a lot of sense only to those who have experienced irrational attacks from their pets.

This happened to me and I nearly called we had to evacuate he saw another cat in the window and viscoulsy attacked me. I had to go to the hospital due to the injuries. This cat is now an outdoor cat but I wish he'd do away now. I'll never own another cat again. Nice things to know, but as "He Shall Remain Nameless" said, cats aggression usually comes from idiot owners. More often then not, the cat may have been abused as a kitten or even still is. And L, that was a very insensitive comment. I'm not trying to be offensive.

Awesome videos! Super brave cats! I love the part where the human tries to kick the cat away. The comments in some of the videos are really disappointing. Do cat lovers really expect dog owners to just stand there and watch their dog get attacked and possibly injured? Many of the comments condemned the people that kicked the cats away too.

Who in their right mind would bend down and risk injury to their face and arms in an attempt to grab the aggressive cat? If the situation is reversed and a dog attacks a cat the crazy cat lovers wish harm upon the dog and its owner.

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There is no reasoning with them. Thank you for the article. I'm having problems at the moment with my very reactive adopted cat who doesn't like my fiance at all. She's bitten him once very seriously and scratches him frequently. Unfortunately, he does tend to irritate her.

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He had his previous cat for 18 years and expects this one to be exactly the same, whereas I'd never had a cat before and just tried to learn what she liked and would tolerate. Consequently, she hisses, growls and lashes out at him and snuggles right up to me.

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I'm a dog person by nature and frankly though I love my cat to bits I find them pretty scary, much scarier than dogs. Not that I think they're bad pets.

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As I said, I love my cat. But they inflict a LOT of damage for their size and in my experience, probably because cats aren't such social animals as dogs, they don't have nearly as much calming body language to suggest that they are uncomfortable before they lash out. Dogs often exhibit long series of 'calming signals' to indicate their discomfort before they escalate to violence which cats rarely seem to though admittedly, I've formally studied canine behaviour but not feline. A cat can go from purring and rubbing against you to sinking teeth in in a split second.

Not bad pets at all, but should be treated with respect like any animal and not underestimated just because they're small and soft. And I hate the notion that we should put animals down because they show aggression, whether provoked or not, but I do think it's highly unfair that a dog can be put down for a single bite if it looks too much like a pit bull at least here in the UK that's the case but that this almost never happens to cats no matter how aggressive.

I wouldn't want it to happen to cats.