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Both on the rising and the falling edge of clock signal. It can be operated at a higher speed than DDR or DDR1 offering a greater bandwidth potential,operates on less power also generates minimum amount of heat. This is the successor of DDR2 with better advancement in bandwidth. It comes with higher performance at lower power. This is the latest variant of memory in computing.

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It operates at a voltage between 1. Achieving more than 2GBps per pin provides upto 50 percent increased performance and bandwidth. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. January 19, Utsaw Verma 9 Comments. What is RAM? Thanks for your attention! Give feedback. Stay tuned! Special thanks to — Vikash Singh. Feng Pan. Electronic Tap-changer for Distribution Transformers. Jawad Faiz. Jawar Singh. Remus Teodorescu. Advanced Circuits for Emerging Technologies. Gabriele Manganaro.

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