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Rather, a number of large defensive walls were built by various rulers from as early as the Fifth Century B. One of the biggest cost?

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Getting there. The grottoes and niches of Longmen contain the largest and most impressive collection of Chinese art of the late Northern Wei and Tang Dynasties The Great Wall of China is the longest man-made monument in the world, the pride of China and a major tourist destination.

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Innumerable superlatives have been used to describe the wall over its several thousand years of existence, and its significance spans historic, strategic, engineering, architectural and cultural realms of interest China's enormous rail network is one of the world's busiest. Trains are usually safe and run strictly to schedule. Although there are certain intricacies to buying tickets, once you've got one, trips are generally hassle-free.

Information:Travel China Guide; www. While it offers both package and private tours, the information especially on train travel and getting around locally and community sections are the most helpful. Many hotels also arrange tours to the wall, often combined with a trip to the Ming Tombs. If you have a host in China, they are very likely to arrange a taxi with guide for the return trip.

More information can be found at travelchinaguide.

Frommers Shanghai by Brown

This stone maze with a mile of walls was created by an Italian priest, yet has a feeling all its own. But then all of a sudden you find yourself clinging to a few wooden planks held together by what look like large staples, bolted to a cliff face a few hundred metres above the ground and you're thinking, "Who regulates this? Do it: travelchinaguide. Organized by only one Chinese tour company but with an active and informative community section and up-to-date train schedules.

The name of both a municipality and its capital city, Tianjin is located in eastern China. Both Tianjin city and the surrounding area have plenty of attractions to offer tourists, from cultural centers to museums to the Great Wall of China. In , the small fishing village of Baoan was renamed Shenzhen.

Since then, the area has ballooned in population. Now home to migrant workers from all over China, Shenzhen has an eclectic culinary scene. Visitors may choose lodging from a number of downtown hotels. Resources: TravelChinaGuide.

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Construction continued up to the Ming dynasty — , when the Great Wall became the world's largest military structure. Travel China travelchinaguide. Unusual in covering obscure places and small-group tours, as well as the normal run of popular sites and booking links. For the most up-to-date information on Suzhou train schedules in English, check the website www.

Take the express bus to its last stop in Huairou, where taxis and vans can be hired. Information: www. With the exception of the Stone Forest, these attractions are easily accessible on Kunming's public transit system. Happy Chinese New Year ! Kicking off on 19 February, this is the longest and most important of the traditional Chinese holidays and much like New Year in Western cultures, it begins on the first day of the first month within the Chinese calendar.

It ends of the date of the full moon. Sources for explanations via TravelChinaGuide. The website www. At press time, work had commenced on a high-speed rail line between Beijing and Shanghai that would more than halve the travel time to under 5 hours. China's bullet trains, according to TravelChinaGuide. In short, the high-speed trains can cover 1, miles in 8 hours, or nearly the same distance between Seattle, Wash.

Mount Huangshan; 3. Jiuzhaigou Valley; 4. Red Beach, Panjin; 6. The Sun and Moon Pagodas, Guilin; Yuanyang Rice Terrraces. For more info, check out travelchinaguide. The best way to book tickets online, and have them delivered to your hotel door in major Chinese cities, is through www. From art galleries to dance classes, boat rides, museums, zoos, and high-altitude viewpoints, here are 50 prime attractions that don't require you to fish for your wallet.

White Stone Hot Spring Golf Club This is the newest course on tropical Hainan Island, set among rolling hills, with several holes situated on the shores of a picturesque reservoir.


The island has two airports, with direct flights from Asian hubs. Information: travelchinaguide. Trains are the best way to travel long distance around China in reasonable speed and comfort. They are also adventurous, exciting, fun, practical and efficient, and ticket prices are reasonable to boot.

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Resources: Travel China Guide www. This fare allows travellers to fly to and from other Chinese cities via Guangzhou. Australians require a visa for a stay of up to 30 days. For more information, see travelchinaguide. Guilin, a well-known tourist destination located in Guangxi province, is easily reachable by air from Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Hong Kong and other points. See www. A handful of tour agencies specialize in providing Indian and Tibetan combination tours that allow visitors to experience the highlights of both countries.

This is especially helpful considering the difficulties tourists may encounter gaining entry into Tibet. Today it retains its layout from the Ming and Qing dynasties and this, together with its impressive city walls, saw it World Heritage listed in Known in Mandarin Chinese as "chang cheng"--literally, "long fortress"--the Great Wall of China dates back as far as the fifth century B. Several sections of the Great Wall are located within close proximity to Beijing, so climbing it is not difficult if you plan to be in the region anyway. Travel China Guide is a tour organization offering trips across the spectrum -- from budget trips to luxury packages.

It operates throughout China and covers virtually every region a visitor might want to experience. Budget trips range in length from four to 20 days, and a relatively high degree of customization is available for those who want to build their own itinerary. She was referring to the West Lake, which she toured in a sampan, a traditional wooden boat, guided by a boatman.

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Daily guided tours around the lake are available, as well as tours to the lake's three islands, where you can stop for a picnic lunch travelchinaguide. Step 1: Map out an itinerary. Travel China Guide offers detailed route plans that are created by experienced hikers of the Great Wall. On the Badaling tour, climb sharp paths overlooking mountains before visiting the bronze statue of Zhan Tianyou, who was instrumental in building China's railroad system… read more.

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Travelers flying directly to Guangzhou can book three-day tours that begin with their arrival at the airport. Travel China Guide will arrange for your transfer from Guangzhou Airport to your hotel. The actual tour begins the next day with visits to attractions that include the Dr.

There are three main goals embedded in the global culture: eliminating hunger, and giving opportunity everybody to have a home and job Home — Food — Job strategy …. Sources: Bamboo memories As one of China's "special economic zones," Zhuhai is part of the modern, economically booming face of that country. For that reason alone the city sparks travel interest among those who are curious about China, but Zhuhai offers so much more. According to TravelChinaGuide. The Great Wall, constructed between B.

This is Hainan Island. Just off the southernmost tip of China's southernmost province Guangdong , this island spawned one of Chinese cuisine's most globally recognised dishes, Hainan chicken. The ever-changing skyline of Shanghai reflects China's progress and rise on the world stage.

This city of just under 20 million offers visitors everything from the most modern to the traditional street market within the shadows of skyscrapers. Arrive at the site by ferry for an awe-inspiring first impression. Our guide points to the crone seated just inside the doorway, grinning toothlessly at us.

She's Further information: See travelchinaguide. The mountain: The level of difficulty is easy to hard, depending on the route taken. The walk up to the North Peak requires a high level of fitness. Travel Guide China offers tours to Huashan. Also, if you are looking at one of the book's maps, and want to find out more about a certain location, there is no page reference.

You have to look the place up in the index and then flip to the description. Similarly, there are no map references in the sight-descriptions. The book has several maps. You have to guess which map the place would be on, based on the very basic directions given in the description. This can be a pain!!! Otherwise, the book proved useful. My friends that had the Lonely Planet guide said that is was much less acurate than my book.

Also check out Let's Go when deciding which book to buy.