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Icinga 2 is a flexible, open source monitoring platform that has the capability to cover most of your monitoring requirements due to its customizable framework. Out of the box, Icinga 2 is strong at monitoring servers and devices, supporting both direct monitoring and SNMP.

It excels at providing data and alerts for availability, connectivity, and general health checks of your infrastructure.

7 Benefits of Icinga’s Open Source Monitoring Tool

When it comes to net flow, application monitoring and database monitoring, Icinga 2 is capable but requires custom configuration or additional plugins. The more specific you can be about your intended data points and thresholds, the more success you will have with Icinga 2. If you are hoping to turn Icinga 2 on and receive a flood of monitoring data points, then it is not an ideal tool for you.

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Because it lends itself more to direct monitoring, Icinga 2 can be quickly configured vs an SNMP monitoring tool. On the flipside, if you want to receive all data points for a hardware device, such as a router, you will need to configure it individually for each datapoint vs. Icinga 2 is designed to be object-oriented from top to bottom. It has a rich configuration language that allows expression of complex configurations in a minimal amount of text, allowing monitoring configurations to be written quickly and concisely. Combined, these two architectural features allow the creation of a large number of monitoring data points in a small amount of time.

Icinga 2 is built to be fast. It can run thousands of checks every second due to its multithreaded design when most monitoring tools run checks every few minutes. If you need quick notification of a system issue, this is another area where Icinga shines. The clustering and zone monitoring abilities of Icinga 2 yield high availability at several different levels.

It allows the architect to create a distributed hierarchy of monitoring systems where checks are run local to regions of the network and only the results are relayed back to the masters. In very large implementations this removes a burden from the masters, freeing resources to spend more time on recording, display, and notification.

Icinga 2 also supports enterprise level scaling. Windows devices use WMI protocol. Real-time network monitoring should be able to find the performance bottlenecks proactively. The threshold will play a major role in this. Threshold limits will change, according to the device and business use case. Thus you need to configure the threshold for proactive network monitoring.

It will help in keeping your information secure by monitoring the network for any issues. Network monitoring tools will have troubleshooting capabilities. It saves time and money that could be required for the investigation in case of any issues. This technology will give you visibility and you will be able to plan for the changes accordingly. Pro Tip: Effective network monitoring software should have the following features that you should consider while selecting the network monitoring software.

ManageEngine OpManager is an integrated network management solution that facilitates efficient and hassle-free network management. The entire network infrastructure of an organization can be viewed from a highly customizable dashboard on OpManager. The intuitive GUI provides an out-of-the-box overview that enables the user to monitor important metrics without having the need to navigate through multiple menu options, hence providing in-depth visibility and complete control to get rid of all network-related issues with ease.

Price: Pricing is based on the license size. It is free up to sensors. The below table will show you the details of the various pricing plans. With both the XL plans, you will get unlimited sensors. The number of sensors will change according to the pricing plan. It provides map designer to create a dashboard and integrates the network components as per your requirement.

It has the capabilities for distributed monitoring. It has the features of distributed monitoring, cluster failover solution, and reporting. Price: A free trial is available for 30 days. An interactive demo will also be available on request. You can get a quote for more pricing details. It provides the Network Performance monitor that can reduce network outages and improve performance.

It is a scalable solution with smarter scalability for large environments. It provides smarter scalability for robust networks. Nagios Network Analyzer comes with features like a comprehensive dashboard, advanced visualizations, custom application monitoring, automated alerts, specialized views, and advanced user management. Verdict: Nagios provides open source network monitoring tools. It performs network monitoring for overloading by data links, network connections, routers monitoring, switches, etc. Website: Nagios. Zabbix provides open source network monitoring services for network, server, cloud, application, and services.

It offers its solutions for various industries like aerospace, retail, government, etc. Verdict: Zabbix has features for metric collection, problem detection, notifications, APIs, and distributed monitoring.

Best Open Source Network Monitoring Software

Website: Zabbix. Price: LogicMonitor offers a free trial. It has three plans for standard pricing i.

It starts at devices. For service provider pricing, there are two plans i. Both of these plans start at devices. LogicMonitor provides a monitoring solution with deployment options of on-premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure. It monitors temperature, CPU, Fan, memory, and other hardware. Verdict: LogicMonitor provides the cloud-based platform for network monitoring. It has features of fast deployment, alert routing, system log and event monitoring with functionalities for performance monitoring and tracking. Website: LogicMonitor.

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Price: There are four plans i. Starter, Basic, Premium, and Enterprise. You can get a quote for their pricing details. Icinga as a service can be used for free for 30 days. Icinga will do performance and availability monitoring. It can perform direct monitoring and also support SNMP. It has features for alerts and provides the relevant data. It provides On-Premises deployment. It can monitor any host and application.

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Verdict: Icinga performs the monitoring activities for performance and availability. It has the capability to monitor the entire data center and clouds.

Website: Icinga. Price: Spiceworks has different plans i.