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Actually, do you know what, come and spend a day with me and I'll prove to you how wrong you are. It is the future, and it enhances their learning massively. It has never replaced any more traditional teaching methods we use. It is just another toy in the box. To prove her point, four little hands are sliding down the banister on their way to the garden. William, Joe, Isobel and Rosie put on their anoraks. They are teaming up, an iPad beween each pair, to fill in monster pictures with colours they will photograph in the garden.

It is raining, the kind of drizzle that doesn't fall so much as hang in the air, and within minutes the surfaces of the tablets pucker and glisten with beads. Intricate hairnets of raindrops appear on the children's heads, as delicate as a sugarwork lattice. None of them mentions the wet. They are happy charging around the garden collecting colours, each one captured with the exaggerated clunky click of the camera. It is the perfect fusion of hi-tech and outdoors, digital and concrete. As if to prove Lyndsey's point, Joe approaches after about five minutes to ask if he can feed the chickens instead.

This seems idyllic tablet use. And yet some parents persist in worrying when they see their children displaying proficiency on an iPad. Kaufman believes the proficiency is part of the problem. As a parent, I sometimes find this unsettling. But I try to be mindful that it is an open question whether it is unsettling because there is something wrong with it, or because it wasn't a feature of my own childhood. Not that long ago parents were bothered by seeing their children reading all the time.

They would complain that they would hurt their eyes. My grandma was always telling me that she was harassed for reading. Flewitt thinks that to deny children access to tablets is to "risk having one section of society that is growing up with skills and one section that is growing up without. You might think that it doesn't matter because they will develop those skills later.

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But it's not the same. They won't identify with it. It's not part of who they are … Children have been born into a world where these things exist," she says, "like we were born into a world where there were televisions, cars on the streets and packaging on food. So what should a parent who fears their child's proficiency on a tablet do? You can choose educational apps or propose other activities.

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You could consider setting a time limit on tablet use — although Flewitt disagrees with this approach, in case you interrupt your child at the point of the app's maximum benefit. She has another idea. They can teach you. I decide to take Flewitt's suggestion. I don't own a tablet. Whereas my children, aged six and three, appear to operate them intuitively, this has not been my own experience. When I tried one, it reoriented itself unexpectedly, as if I had turned a steering wheel I didn't know I was holding.

It didn't seem to have browsers and I found it hard to open and close things. We sit side by side on the sofa in the lounge of his home in Haringey, north London. Then he shows me all the squares that are his games and videos. He slides along the full row of squares and we choose Lego Ninjago. The keys to beneficial screen time, she explains, are interactivity and adult participation, whether the child is playing a computer game, using an iPad app, or watching TV.

As a speech therapist working with young families, and the mother of two adult daughters, Ann Densmore understands the complexities of daily life with young children. If there ends up being a lot of screen time on a long rainy day, or when a child is sick, try to cut back for the next couple of days. Commonsense Media is an organization that offers parents information on kids and media. It offers some useful guidelines for determining the educational value of apps for kids. In an alarming October report , Commonsense Media reminds us that television is the main form of screen time for children between the ages of 0 and 8 years.

In an upcoming blog, Dr. Densmore will share her thoughts on apps she thinks are particularly good for young kids and offer some advice on how to choose and monitor screen time activities. Your Successful Preschooler , published by Jossey-Bass in partnership with Harvard Medical School, offers parents concrete advice and strategies for helping their young children develop the social skills that will set them up for learning and enable them to develop and maintain friendships with more ease.

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Balance is the essential metric for all things when raising children. The brain will respond to the stimulus when using technology. The heart and soul need nurturing too. Food for thought…how much is enough? Actually I believe parents should not be afraid and allow their children to take advantage of the educational benefits of ipad as well has iphone app technology.

I read an article regarding a young boy who learned how to make an iphone app and made millions from the app after adding it to the app store. My two-year old son likes very much tinkering with our ipads.

When our gadgets were new, I would let him play with it for an hour — it is like watching the tv for him. But I know this is not good for him. So I let him play with traditional toys like cars instead of ipads. It should be guided as to whatever questions he might ask. Do promote a proper care for your child. When using technology to educate kids, I think it is important that the parents or teachers remain actively involved throughout the process.

Stack the Countries : Learn all about the countries of the world and their major cities through this incredibly engaging challenge asking users to make designs out of their varying shapes. Hangman : The classic vocabulary game receives a digital makeover through this widely enjoyed application that pulls inspiration from daily headlines. From reading to science to math, favorite characters new and old teach preschool through elementary school kids fun little lessons through gaming.

Nobody can argue with Batman. Math and Letters Air Control : Like the title states, this great game teaches the basics of counting and basic math and the alphabet and basic parts of speech by indulging the imagination with thoughts of flying planes and helicopters.

BrainPOP Featured Movie : Watch a new educational movie every day and then take a quiz afterwards to test knowledge retention; films cycle through a rotation for those afraid they might have missed something. Nothing could be more enjoyable for aspiring young musicians than an open-ended creative outlet like GarageBand.

Should Your 2-Year-Old Be Using an iPad?

ThinkerToy : Play with tangram puzzles of famous landmarks, favorite animals, familiar objects, and more. Even customize some new ones to share with friends! Kapu Toys : Mix up graphics and photos in this toddler-friendly app that asks them to snap and play with pictures and learn the basics of using iDevices safely and responsibly.

Mad Libs : Mad Libs make for a super fun way to teach children about the different parts of speech, not to mention it nurtures bonding time when sharing the silly stories that result! MathBoard : Take multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction quizzes with customizable sizes, difficulty levels, and time limits.

Ultimate Word Search Free Wordsearch : Pass the time and build vocabulary and vision skills by indulging in some hot themed wordsearch action.

Rocket Math : Solve increasingly difficult math problems and earn the parts necessary to build rocket ships in this wildly popular puzzle game. I SPY Riddle Race : More than 60 puzzles involving in-depth riddles and object searches challenge the mind in a race against the timer to solve and find everything.

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Tozzle : 42 puzzles teach toddlers how to recognize basic shapes while simultaneously helping to strengthen their basic eye-hand coordination. Pottery : Less messy and expensive than a pottery wheel, this app introduces creatively-leaning young players to the basics of crafting with clay and designing the finished results. Mathemagics — Mental Math Tricks : The lightning-fast challenges presented here teach kids how to perform some basic and not-so-basic multiplication and division problems without a calculator or pencil and paper.

Story Wheel : Spin a wheel and collect separate parts of a story to be assembled in the correct order; finished tales pop into life as animations! SoundTouch : Perfect for toddlers, the SoundTouch matching game asks them to pair up familiar sounds with what animal or object makes them with … get this! Monster Physics : Kids pick up some basic physics lessons and construct their very own machines to digitally play with in real time.

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