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This may seem obvious to anyone familiar with the program and its capabilities, but to the uninitiated, this explanation is not sufficient. Put yet another way, landscape architects are in the same position surveyors and civil engineers were years ago: Their clients—architects and developers—were adopting BIM and modeling in a big way, so they had to adapt.

And with all of the time- and money-saving benefits, it is hardly surprising. So regardless of the software, I would encourage all landscape architects to educate themselves and engage with BIM.

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Know the issues and the benefits so that we can continue to improve the process—and the software—for landscape architecture. Keep an eye out for my follow up articles on book lists for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year.

  1. 1. Introduction.
  2. The Queen of Spades and Other Works by Alexander Pushkin (Halcyon Classics).
  3. How Landscape Architecture Is Growing BIM Roots for Better Collaboration;
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