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Reporting to the Marketing Manager and responsible for your own portfolio of titles, you will work along the full spectrum of marketing activities and will have digital and direct marketing experience. Marketing Manager Location:. We have an excellent opportunity for an experienced and creative Marketing Manager to join a leading trade and educational publisher in central London on a fixed-term 12 month contract.

Joining the Children's Books marketing team, you will work on a leading range of educational titles and resources at the forefront of educational publishing.

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Please note this will role will be a fixed-term Temp Digital Marketing Manager Location:. Available upon Request.

Do you have extensive experience in digital marketing and are an inventive self-starter? We have an exciting opportunity to work for a leading professional publisher in London as a Digital Marketing Manager on International Markets! This role is to start at the end of September to the end of September and is home-based. Key duties: Responsible for website developm Senior Marketing Manager Location:.

We have a fantastic opportunity for an experienced Senior Marketing Manager to join a leading publishing operation in central London. Joining an exciting and fast-paced team, you will be responsible for creating innovative marketing strategies that connects readers with authors and books. Digital Marketing Executive Location:. We have an exciting digital marketing opportunity to work on email marketing, social media and ecommerce for a leading trade book publisher in central London.

Agents can also help new authors gain recognition and traction in the publishing world. Book publishers assume all responsibility of getting a book published. With a team of editors, designers, and marketers, publishers do everything short of writing the book in order to bring it to market. Some publishers specialize in a certain type of writing, whether fiction, non-fiction, or a specific genre. Also, depending on its size, a publisher might employ editors to manage the manuscript within each of those categories, thus diversifying the books and authors they represent.

Some smaller publishers accept work directly from authors, though. We discuss this next. There are many factors that can change the direction of that path — or put you on a new one entirely — such as book genre, literary agency or lack thereof , traditional vs. The first step in publishing a book can be both the easiest and hardest step in the entire process — writing it.

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But before you dive in, you must ask yourself: What kind of book are you writing? This step is where the publishing process could take you in a few different directions. Literary agents help bridge that gap. It just takes some research. They also review your queries and proposals.

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From that point, the agent or publisher can either reject or accept the query. Note : Beware of con-artists posing as agents. Take a moment to research the agent or publishing house by reviewing their past clients and books. Overall, trust your gut. Be comfortable with your choice. So, if you have a ton of money and no interest in being involved, this might be the move for you.

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This will determine how you prepare your manuscript and who you hire to help you. Print production can be done in one of two ways: print on-demand or traditional printing. Traditional printing is typically how major publishing houses produce their books, and to follow this method, you typically have to commit to at least 1, copies. Print on-demand is a great option for authors who plan to sell primarily online, such as through a website or Amazon. Traditional printing might be a good fit for an author who has speaking engagements or plans to make in-person sales.

Traditional publishers have a slew of professionals who take your Microsoft Word manuscript and turn it into a gorgeous book. As a self-publisher, that process is on you. The below image is an example of the retailer fees by price point. But if your manuscript is mostly text, you should be able to handle conversion and formatting on your own.

In terms of cover art, eBook covers will likely be seen in black and white, grayscale, color, high-resolution, low-resolution, thumbnail size, or full size … just to name a few. Digital books sales can take place on desktops, mobile devices, and in all resolutions. Because of this, it may be best to hire a designer who specializes in these formats.

Apply some of the self-publishing tips below to maximize your book sales.

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The main factors for eBooks include pricing which should be similar to or a little less than your competition and its positioning on Amazon or other digital bookstores. Authors — especially self-published authors — should have a website, a blog, and social media for starters through which they can attract followers and promote their book. Loyalty is an incredibly strong motivator for books sales.

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Rather, you must already have the platform and authority, and thus be qualified to write a book. Read testimonials from publishers.

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