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Other authors found slight effects of triasulfuron and other three sulphonylureas at normal field doses on soil microbial biomass and its biochemical activities, although all the four herbicides exerted a stronger detrimental effect at fold the field dose Sofo et al. We can, however, conclude that triasulfuron, under the conditions and at the doses tested in our study, did not exert notable modifications on microbial community structure at the level we could detect.

The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest. The reviewer CP and handling Editor declared their shared affiliation, and the handling Editor states that the process nevertheless met the standards of a fair and objective review. We would like to thank Aqualia SA and local authorities of Salamanca for their collaboration. Abaunza, G. Changes in activity and structure of the soil microbial community after application of azoxystrobin or pirimicarb and an organic amendment to an agricultural soil.

Soil Ecol. Barriuso, E. Influence of compost addition to soil on the behavior of herbicides. Bastida, F. Soil restoration with organic amendments: linking cellular functionality and ecosystem processes. Cellulose degradation by micromonosporas recovered from freshwater lakes and classification of these actinomycetes by DNA gyrase B gene sequencing. Delgado-Moreno, L. Organic amendments from olive cake as a strategy to modify the degradation of sulfonylurea herbicides in soil.

Food Chem.

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El-Ghamry, A. Microbial response to bensulfuron-methyl treatment in soil. European Commission [EC] Review Report for the Active Substance Triasulfuron. Commission of the European Communities, Brussels. Conclusion on the peer review of the pesticide risk assessment of the active substance triasulfuron.


EFSA J. CrossRef Full Text. Feld, L. Pesticide side effects in an agricultural soil ecosystem as measured by amoA expression quantification and bacterial diversity changes. FOCUS Google Scholar. Effect of synthetic clay and biochar addition on dissipation and enantioselectivity of tebuconazole and metalaxyl in an agricultural soil: laboratory and field experiments.

Gennari, M. Fate and degradation of triasulfuron in soil and water under laboratory conditions. Health B 43, — Grenni, P. Changes in the microbial activity in a soil amended with oak and pine residues and treated with linuron herbicide. Halverson, L. Release of intracellular solutes by four soil bacteria exposed to dilution stress. Soil Soc.

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Field-scale dissipation of tebuconazole in a vineyard soil amended with spent mushroom substrate and its potential environmental impact. Field versus laboratory experiments to evaluate the fate of azoxystrobin in an amended vineyard soil. Hollaway, K. Persistence and leaching of sulfonylurea herbicides over a 4-year period in the highly alkaline soils of south-eastern Australia.

Jacobsen, C. Agricultural soils, pesticides and microbial diversity. James, T. Degradation of the sulfonylurea herbicides chlorsolfuron and triasulfuron in a high-organic-matter volcanic soil. Weed Res. Joergensen, R. Ninhidrin-reactive nitrogen measurements of microbial biomass in 0. Soil Biol.

Karpouzas, D. A tiered assessment approach based on standardized methods to estimate the impact of nicosulfuron on the abundance and function of the soil microbial community. Lupwayi, N. Soil microbial biomass and diversity after herbicide application. Plant Sci. Malara, A. Application of a battery of biotests for the determination of leachate toxicity to bacteria and invertebrates from sewage sludge-amended soil. Dissipation of fungicides in a vineyard soil amended with different spent mushroom substrates.

Effect of different organic amendments on the dissipation of linuron, diazinon and myclobutanil in an agricultural soil incubated for different time periods. Total Environ. Mattana, S.

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Sewage sludge processing determines its impact on soil microbial community structure and function. Menne, H. Influence of straw management, nitrogen fertilization, and dosage rates on the dissipation of five sulfonylureas in soil. Moorman, T. Organic amendments to enhance herbicide biodegradation in contaminated soil using various bioprocessed materials. Non-target effects of three formulated pesticides on microbially-mediated processes in a clay-loam soil.

Pampulha, M. Impact of an herbicide combination of bromoxynil and prosulfuron on soil microorganisms. Papadopoulou, E. Dissipation and adsorption of isoproturon, tebuconazole, chlorpyrifos and their main transformation products under laboratory and field conditions. Perucci, P. Effects of organic amendment and herbicide treatment on soil microbial biomass. Soils 32, 17— Rimsulfuron in a silty clay loam soil: effects upon microbiological and biochemical properties under varying microcosm conditions.

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Ponder, F. Phospholipid fatty acids in forest soil four years after organic matter removal and soil compaction. Pose-Juan, E. Mesotrione dissipation and response of soil microbial communities in a soil amended with organic residues. Spanish J. Soil Sci. Application of mesotrione at different doses in an amended soil: dissipation and effect on the soil microbial biomass and activity.

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  • Irrigation of a Mediterranean soil under field conditions with urbanwastewater: effect on pesticide behavior. Said-Pullicino, D.

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    Environmental fate of triasulfuron in soils amended with municipal waste compost. Sarmah, A. Fate and behaviour of triasulfuron, metsulfuron-methyl, and chlorsulfuron in the Australian soil environment: a review.

    Changes in bacterial and fungal PLFAs in experimental soils All herbicide treatments showed persistent inhibition of soil bacteria throughout the incubation period, and the combined herbicide treatment showed more inhibition than either of the single herbicide treatments Fig 2.

    Fig 5. Principal component analysis plot of the microbial community structure of all treatments on days 0, 7, 45 and Discussion Chlorimuron-ethyl and atrazine degradation in experimental soils Bioremediation has been proven to be an effective alternative to costly traditional physicochemical techniques [ 35 ].

    PLFA concentration The total amount of phospholipids is a good indicator of the living microbial biomass in soil [ 38 , 39 ]. Conclusion In this study, strains CHL1 and ATR1 were combined to remediate chlorimuron-ethyl, atrazine and combined contaminated soils.


    Microbes and Microbial Products as Herbicides

    References 1. Ecological risk of long-term chlorimuron-ethyl application to soil microbial community: an in situ investigation in a continuously cropped soybean field in Northeast China. Environ Sci Pollut Res Int. Combined effect of bioaugmentation and bioturbation on atrazine degradation in soil. Soil Biol Biochem.