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The case is looking into sex tapes and young women which is hard but has to be done.

Night Smoke

An all rounder you might say? After a funny night stuck in the mountains they find where the girl is and Althea goes in to distract the three men while Colt gets her out. Thea can really handle herself and he goes back to help her and she has it all under control. After she talks to the girl and helps her through the ordeal and explains that if she can do it then anyone can.

After a very emotional scene and a lot of thinking and understanding on her part she finally gives in to Colt. He wants to marry her on new years eve but she has other ideas. She shocks him in saying yes to start with but no to new years eve, she wants it at thanksgiving at Boyd and Cillas home. You see her marry Colt at the end of the book with Cilla and Boyd, Deborah and Gage and baby and a few friends and family. A really lovely story and ending i think! Nightsmoke This book follows Natalie Fletcher Boyds sister who runs the family business and is extremely sucessful.

After a really late night she gets a call one of her buildings is on fire. After she gets there the arson investigator arrives. Ryan is moody and mean and really really fit!! She really doesnt like him especially when he almost accuses her of fraud and he really doesnt like her and thinks she has far to much money and doesnt really get the whole poor thing. They clash and fight and he falls in love, she does eventually too.

As they work together to find out who set the fire, more happen and it starts to look like someone is after her. After a very emotional and horrible fight, he breaks it off because he doesnt think that they could ever belong together and live in the same world however after she storms off telling him that she loved him and immediately leaves the city he goes after her.

Following her around trying to apologise. She eventually comes back after a heart to heart with Thea a very pregnant and in labour Thea and he mets her at the airport. They argue and he tries and tries to apologise, she goes ot her office and just as they are sorting out how they feel an explosion in the office and a fire breaks out. They are trapped on the 42 floor and the exit is blocked by fire. He knows there isnt much time so endagers his own life to save hers. They get out and into hospital and after a touch 24 hours Nat is fine and he is mending.

After a touching heart to heart in the hospital as she is discharged he agrees that maybe they could start by living together and she refuses only to tell him she wants marriage and kids. A really happy moment that makes you heart swell and go arrrrrrrrr.

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Nightshield I thoroughly enjoyed this book and i think this one is probably my favourite. I think its my favourite because i felt more drawn to the bad boy character? Due to recent break in's and their link to a local club the owner is asked to help. He has known Boyd a long time and owes him his life.

Jonah is a once upon a time crook as a child and really horrible childhood until Boyd helped him. When he meets Ally he is a little taken with her and he decides nothing can happen because of Boyd. They rub each other up the wrong way alot and they begin to have a little steam and passion. After she has worked in the bar undercover for a week they get a break and find the people responsiblefor the break in's.

She goes off with her team to arest them and it goes a little wrong.

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Sometimes I felt both books were dragging. Sometimes I was drawn in.

Nora does write interesting and addictive personalities and she has always done excellent dialogue. However, these both felt a little predictable. Not the worst Nora book, but not her best either.

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Oct 30, Sheila rated it really liked it. This compilation contained the 3rd and 4th books in the sextet of Nora Roberts' intriguing series entitled Night Tales. Nora Roberts keeps readers interested in this 6-book series by reintroducing previous characters and further defining their intertwined relationships. Working on tough cases in her city, Althea has informants that help her crack them wide open. Enter, Colt Nightshade. Eventually paired as partners, Colt and Althea work the tips they have until they uncover clues that lead them closer and closer to the missing girl.

Along the way, the two end up being attracted to each other. This is a good mystery with great detail and settings. Intrigue, arson, questionable employees … all lead up to more questions about who is trying to stop Natalie from being a successful lingerie fashionista. Fire Inspector, Ryan Piasecki, is assigned the task of determining the cause of the fire. But as the story progresses, so do their feelings for one another and the heat rises in more than one way! Nora Roberts spends a lot of time describing scenery, tactics, and characters in these books.

As in most of her books, the reader is continually engaged and wants nothing more than to keep reading to the very end. I highly recommend this series to anyone who likes mystery, elaborate scene set-ups and love stories, all mixed together. Nightshade was closer to 5 stars, but Night Smoke brought it down to the 4 star rating.

Both stories were good, but Nightshade was the better of the two reads. I liked that they had some of the same characters in both of the stories, nice continuity. The reason I gave Night Smoke a slightly lower rating is because of the heroine. Now, if this i Nightshade was closer to 5 stars, but Night Smoke brought it down to the 4 star rating. Now, if this is true, when the leading lady is out of her depth, she should have the brains and common sense to stay out of the way when someone that does know what they are doing becomes involved.

The heroine in Night Smoke is an Executive Officer in a multi million dollar company, yet she acts like she should be involved in knowing everything about the investigation Also, the hero is a firefighter, yet Natalie feels compelled to run into fires, not once but twice, following Ryan. Ryan is a trained professional, yet she gets mad at him for running into the fire.

It's like telling a cop not to try to save a hostage, or a doctor not to perform surgery Overall, both stories were well worth reading and I would recommend them to anyone.

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The action stays prett consistant, whether it be the action of the mystery or the action of the passion between the main characters. Good read! Feb 11, Sonja rated it really liked it Shelves: bookcrossing , read. Finished this one this morning while I was waiting for the frost to magically melt off the windshield of the van before work : That's how good this book was.. Just not enough time to read anymore Loved the Colt Nightshade character Apr 06, Beth rated it really liked it.

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The men are sooo sexist! What is with this whole I'm so amazing that you're going to sleep with me crap? If a fire inspector ever acted the way Rye did towards a woman and victim he'd be fired. Needless to say her female characters have gotten stronger and capable of taking care of themselves without going into shock when fire appears. This was an ok book with the typical happily ever after ending but the first half of this book had me wanting to return it. It got more interesting but it took a while. I love this story line! This is a collection of 5 books "Night Tales Series" that are interconnected with characters.

Having read all of Nora Robert's books for almost 4 decades, I was disappointed listening to these 5 books now on Audible. I didn't care for the narrator at all. I had actually read them these years ago before Audible but had forgotten until I started listening to them on Audible Special Note: Nora Robert's is by far my favorite Author.

In my opinion, the quality of her writing, development of characters and storylines improves each and every year. I sure hope she doesn't retire soon! I think one of the reasons I like this series isbecause each story is so diffrent from the next. Yet each story has a good amount of suspense and romance without repeating the same basic story over and over. Visiting former characters, where they now are and what they are doing is an added bonus.

While the other stories are from more the police or judicial areas, this one opens up the shady world of fire and arsen. Another excellent addition to an excellent series. Kate Rudd did a terrific job portraying the different characters and bring them to life.