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This copy served as the source of the first translations of Dionysius into Latin. The first translation, made around by Hilduin, abbot of a monastery near Paris who identified Dionysius not only as St.

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Dionysius the Areopagite but also as the first bishop of Paris , was so unintelligible that Charles II asked the great Irish philosopher, John Scottus Eriugena, to make a new translation that he completed in and that was subsequently revised with clarifications in John of the Cross d. Dionysius played a major role in the Palamite controversy of the 14th century, cited both by Gregory Palamas d. In the modern world, Dionysius has received less attention, though he is of some importance for 19th century German Idealist thought and also to a lesser extent for English and American Romanticism.

Derrida, in particular, has been one of the few contemporary philosophical thinkers, if not the only one, to realize the importance of Dionysius in relation to deconstruction a term he does not use himself and to explore the complex nature of prayer, address, and denial in the context of the necessarily deceptive and open-ended possibilities of negative theology. Dionysius: Persona 2. Outline and Content of the Works 3. Afterlife: Significance and Influence 6. The fourth theological work, the Mystical Theology , reverses the sequence and restores the reader to the divine unity: In the earlier books my argument traveled downward from the most exalted to the humblest categories, taking in on this downward path an ever-increasing number of ideas which multiplied with every stage of the descent.

But my argument now rises from what is below up to the transcendent, and the more it climbs, the more language falters, and when it has passed up and beyond the ascent, it will turn silent completely, since it will finally be at one with him who is undescribable MT C. Dionysius continues as follows: We must dare to say even this on behalf of the truth that the cause of all things himself, by his beautiful and good love for all things, through an overflowing of loving goodness, becomes outside of himself exo heautou ginetai by his providential care for all beings and is as it were, charmed thelgetai by goodness, affection agapesis , and love eros , and is led down katagetai from his place above all and transcendent of all to dwell in all things in accordance with his ecstatic superessential power which does not depart from itself DN 4, Afterlife: Significance and Influence In sum, Dionysius represents the instantaneous resonances, possible in unusual circumstances, between forms of thought and practice that may at first sight appear entirely divergent.

In the first instance, he provides a fruitful link between philosophies based upon a transcendent principle beyond being for example, the Good and philosophies of being, and in the second instance he suggests a loving God whom, in the Judaeo-Christian tradition, it makes sense to address in prayer. At the same time, however, this standpoint leaves room, from a modern viewpoint particularly, for interreligious dialogue since, while it is certainly a Christian view, it also remains radically open-ended.

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He also succeeds in transposing Pagan Neoplatonism into a complete Christian theology, from the Trinity and the angelic world through the incarnation and redemption to the sacramental life and orders of the Church, and extending to the old Law, and provides not only a symbolic and mystical explanation, but a profound reconsideration of the importance of liturgical practice as a response to both the hidden and the more manifest divine workings of grace in scripture, ritual, morality, law and even material things.

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Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite

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Language Bader, G. Breton, S. Scazzoso, P. Person and Being Aquinas Lecture. Pseudo-Dionysius and the Metaphysics of Aquinas. Religion and Empiricism Aquinas Lecture Saint Thomas and Epistemology Aquinas Lecture Five Metaphysical Paradoxes Aquinas Lecture. Thomas and Analogy Aquinas Lecture 5. Beyond Trinity Aquinas Lecture Thomas and Philosophy Aquinas Lecture Although Pseudo-Dionysius was, after Aristotle, the author whom Thomas Aquinas quoted most frequently, surprisingly little attention has been paid to the role of this Neoplatonist thinker in the formation of Aquinas' philosophy.

Fran O'Rourke's book is the only available work that investigates the pervasive influence of Pseudo-Dionysius, yet the profound originality of Aquinas. Central themes discussed by O'Rourke include knowledge of the absolute, existence as the first and most universal perfection, the diffusion of creation, the hierarchy of creatures, and their return to God as final end.

O'Rourke devotes special attention to the Neoplatonist element in Aquinas' notion of "being" as intensity or degree of perfection. He also considers the relation of being and goodness in light of Aquinas' nuanced reversal of Dionysius' theory of the primacy of the good; and Aquinas' arguments for the transcendental nature of goodness. The University of Notre Press is pleased to make this significant work available for the first time in paperback.

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