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Ask Seller a Question. Title: Rediscovering Nursing a Guide for the Learning to nurse is a little like learning to swim, ride a bike or speak a foreign language. It takes a long time to become a skilled practitioner, confident in your ability and assured that you understand what you are doing and know that you are doing it competently and safely.

But, as everyone knows, lack of practice leads to loss of confidence and ability. To be as good as ever you were isn't easy, but neither is it impossible. All you need is time to adjust and adapt to all the changes that have taken place.

This book will give the once skilled, confident and competent nurse the knowledge needed to re-enter practice. It addresses the changes which have taken place in the delivery of care including the movement of care into the community, the growth in day-care and short-stay wards and, of course, changes in nursing practice. Such issues as nursing process, nursing models and primary nursing are described in detail, clearly helping you see how the profession has moved from the task allocation of my training into the individualized patient care of today. As ever, changes in medical and surgical practice affect nursing.

The authors address these issues too, and explain such changes as U insulin, the use of scopes, fibre-optics and lasers to minimize invasive surgery and the tremendous growth in Health Education and Preventive Health Care.

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Carolyn Chiu Curson One of the great things about being a nurse is the flexibility in schedule. I chose three hour shifts per week so I can spend a LOT of time with my three-year old boy.

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Although he loves going to preschool, nothing beats the bonding time we both love and treasure. Connie McFarlane Four spoiled dogs, a grandson who likes to go in the stroller to Baskin-Robbins, my new electric bicycle, flowers and a veggie garden, online school full-time, hour workweek, a zoo passholder and a special guy. Leilani Bautista Keene Free time? True free time?

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Or time away from scheduled work on the nursing unit? My boys love to bike ride, walk along the river, go to the beach, shop only for them, though , eat out, go to a fun local event, hang out at a theme park, travel on a mini-vacation really love that! Crazy, huh? Linda Johnson Reading. You can tell by looking at me, unfortunately.

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Love to can all the produce I grow and make salsa! I also can our own beef, pork and deer meat in the winter as we butcher our own meat.

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Otherwise I help with my grandkids, read and ride horses when I can. Linda Dunn Simek Right now, my focus is on improving my health. So my relaxing time is a walk on the treadmill or outside. I have also pulled out my dusty old Schwinn. I love to ride. Next month I will participate in a mile journey around my town…looking forward to it. Joni Farrington I am an endorphin junkie and I love spending time with my two-year-old, so I combine both.


I love running the backcountry roads, seeing cows, sheep and horses. Oh, and my husky…. Join Login. Scrubs April 16, Debbie Craft Bargain shopping! What do you do to unwind during your off-hours?