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If you aren't impressed with the answers, shop elsewhere. Also inspect them yourself by feeling the needles: they should be flexible, not dry and brittle. The fresher the tree, the longer it will last in your living room. Once you have your tree, it's important to start taking care of it right away. Tchukki Andersen, a staff arborist for the Tree Care Industry Association , suggests wrapping it in a plastic tarp to protect it for the journey home.

If you bought a pre-cut tree, it's important to make a cut across the bottom, removing an inch or an inch and a half off the bottom. That's because once it is cut, the sap in the tree will start sealing over the base, and this will hinder its ability to absorb water. According to Andersen, that process takes about three hours. As long as you live reasonably close, you can ask the dealer to make the cut for you. As soon as possible, get the tree in water.

‘Wood wide web’—the underground network of microbes that connects trees—mapped for first time

Either set it up in its stand or place it in a bucket if you aren't going to trim it right away. The base of the cut tree should never dry out, in order to keep the needles fresher. A recent university study even confirms that watering works.

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According to Derowitsch, a rough rule of thumb is that a typical tree might absorb a quart of water for each inch of its diameter. This means many stands need to be topped off daily. As a last resort, if your tree does end up getting dried out in its stand, you can try drilling some shallow holes at the base and refilling with water. Andersen points out that some people swear by commercial Christmas tree preservatives, which can be mixed into the water in the stand.

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Some people say they use aspirin. However, the jury is still out on this procedure, with some experts arguing that adding such substances " doesn't do anything. Keep the tree away from direct sunlight, heaters or fans, as these will speed up the drying process. Andersen suggests using a room humidifier, which can help keep the needles fresher longer, as well as reduce fire risk. Speaking of fire risk, make sure any lights you put on the tree are in good working order and are designed for the purpose.

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Newer LED light-emitting diode holiday lights cost only pennies a season to run, so they are a good value, while they also decrease fire risk because they stay cooler. We'll be happy to help you get your project off to a great start. Our tree company has been serving the Lancaster area for many years, and we have a great reputation in the community. At Nihles Tree Service we treat our customers and their needs with the utmost respect.

Nihles Tree Service trims trees differently than others, making sure that they are and remain healthy. Nihles Tree Service ensures future growth by putting dirt and seeds in the holes to level them out. We clean up and no messes are what people brag about the most. We have even removed a tree that was a 20ft radius tree all by ourselves in one day and you can't tell the tree was ever there. We redesigns the yard so there is no trace of that old tree. We do the jobs you are afraid to do, and have a four-wheel drive 75 foot boom truck with wrench to help.

We also have a brush chipper that can chip up to a 24 inch chunk of wood.

yetha.com/what-is-the-best-cellphone-spy-app-honor-10.php It is not in our best interest, or more importantly yours, to provide anything less than the highest quality of service to our customers. We do an exceptional job at a reasonable price. We are not just any tree company. The team here at Nihles Tree Service is passionate about the environment and keeping it healthy. That's why we're always happy to help with anything and everything to do with landscape and tree care. If there's a tree on your property that looks like it has seen better days and you're thinking of having it cut down, call us first. We might be able to save it! And if not, we can make sure that it's removed safely and properly.