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What was the Congress of Vienna?

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The Congress of Vienna

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The congress of Vienna, summoned by the four powers who have done most to defeat Napoleon Britain, Russia, Prussia, Austria , is an attempt to stabilize the map of Europe after the upheavals caused by more than twenty years of war. All the crowned heads and their representatives are welcome in Vienna, with the result that there is much entertainment and glamorous festivity throughout the winter of Behind the glitter, orchestrated by Metternich, the hard work of diplomacy goes on.

Persuasion through negotiation at the Congress of Vienna | DiploFoundation

The four great nations intend to make all the decisions themselves, but Talleyrand - representing the newly restored Louis XVIII - ensures that France has an equal place at the table. Her participation in any agreed balance of power will be essential.

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All of Europe sent its most-important statesmen. Tsar Alexander I of Russia directed his own diplomacy.

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Great Britain was represented by its foreign minister, Viscount Castlereagh. Spain, Portugal, and Sweden had only men of moderate ability to represent them. Many of the rulers of the minor states of Europe put in an appearance.

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  • With them came a host of courtiers, secretaries, and ladies to enjoy the magnificent social life of the Austrian court. Assisting Metternich as host, Friedrich Gentz played a vital role in the management of protocol and in the secretarial organization of the congress. The social side of the congress was, in fact, one of the causes of the long and unexpected delay in producing a result, for Metternich at least sometimes subordinated business to pleasure.

    The procedure of the congress was determined by the difficulty and complexity of the issues to be solved. First there was the problem of the organization of the congress, for which there was no precedent.

    The Congress of Vienna 1814-1815: Making Peace after Global War (Part 2)

    They were then to communicate their decisions to France and Spain. The full congress was to be summoned only when all was ready.