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The Languages of Japan and Korea. Nicolas Tranter. Turkish: A Comprehensive Grammar. What is Morphology? Mark Aronoff. Introducing Language Typology. Edith A. An Introduction to Japanese Linguistics. Natsuko Tsujimura. Chinese: An Essential Grammar. Don Rimmington. Understanding Morphology. Martin Haspelmath.

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A History of the Chinese Language. Hongyuan Dong. An Introduction to Classical Nahuatl. Michel Launey.

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Introducing Morphology. Rochelle Lieber. A History of the Japanese Language. Bjarke Frellesvig. Introducing Phonology. David Odden. Understanding Semantics. Sebastian Loebner.

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Between Syntax and Semantics. James Huang. Historical Linguistics. Don Ringe.

Omkar N. Jerry Norman. The Iranian Languages. Gernot Windfuhr. A Grammar of Mangghuer. Keith W. An Introduction to Korean Linguistics. Eunhee Lee. The Cambridge Dictionary of Linguistics.

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Keith Brown. The Oceanic Languages. Terry Crowley. A Student's Dictionary of Language and Linguistics. Larry Trask. Raikhangul Mukhamedova. Language Interrupted. John McWhorter. Realms of Meaning. Thomas R. The Languages of Ghana. Mary E.

Kropp Dakubu. Peter Peverelli. The Cambridge Handbook of Morphology. Andrew Hippisley. The Major Languages of Eastern Europe. Bernard Comrie. Compendium of the World's Languages. George L. Grammatical Relations. Functional Structure s , Form and Interpretation. Andrew Simpson. The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition. William Strunk. Bird by Bird.

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Anne Lamott. Slavic Languages in the Perspective of Formal Grammar. Maria Koptjevskaja-Tamm. Practice Makes Perfect French Conversation. Eliane Kurbegov. Basics of Language for Language Learners, 2nd Edition. Peter W. The Oxford Handbook of Derivational Morphology. The Cambridge Handbook of Linguistic Typology.

  2. Moghol language?
  3. List of Mongolic languages;
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  6. The Mongolic languages.
  7. 1. Introduction;
  8. Alexandra Y.