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Virtual reality coming soon to cinemas

The Virtual Landscape Theatre VLT is a mobile curved screen projection facility, in which people can be 'immersed' in computer models of their environment to explore landscapes of the past, present and future. It is used with communities around the country. Small groups have the opportunity to experience landscapes by moving through the virtual world, add new content, view realistic representations, or augmented with other information such as flood risk , natural heritage designations, wind speed, land ownership, or soil type — and they can provide feedback by means of a voting handset.

The EmilyAnn Theatre & Gardens Introductory Video

That way the public can be directly involved in the planning decisions that affect them. This facility is the first mobile unit of its kind in the United Kingdom, and is used for scientific research as well as engagement with the public on issues of landscape change. The theatre has been funded by the Scottish Government to improve our understanding of the complex issues surrounding land use and rural societies.

The facility, which draws on the Institute's expertise in scenario and landscape modelling and rural land resources , has three research aims:. Wang et al.

Miller, D. Use of digital and 3D technology in planning: research report. For more info about the VLT email us.

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All rights reserved. This merger formed a new powerhouse for research into food, land use, and climate change.

Virtual reality

The project is a software development for a virtual theatre which Dyer developed for educational purposes. It provides a low level, hands on introduction to the material components of theatre; lighting, sound, scenic design, flying systems and scenic devices such as revolves, lifts and tracking. These can all be put together into cues to create simulated stage transformations.

In developing the software the questions that Dyer addressed at the outset included whether or not virtual theatre models might be effective as teaching and learning tools; the extent to which virtual theatre models could assist in the development of productions, specifically as a collaborative tool to test production ideas out; and to what extent might a digital version of the theatre design scale model box prove effective in the preparation of stage designs. It is currently being used by schools, professional designers and hobbyists.